Welcome, Writer!

You’ve written. Long or short, you’ve put words to paper (or word processor). Well done! Now you want someone to look at your work. Give you some feedback. Make suggestions. Perhaps clean it up a little.

Writing is about words (and grammar, and punctuation), but no matter what your genre, it is also about story. Sometimes the story slips out of sight. Sometimes the words won’t quite fit, or the commas get away from you. And sometimes you’re sure you have everything in the right place, but you’re still lost.



You need someone who hasn’t wrestled with those words, over and over. Someone who can cast a fresh eye over the writing, provide a path forward through the fog, and clear the undergrowth. It might take a bulldozer or a machete or a scalpel. Maybe all it takes is a flashlight to point the way.



In short, you need an editor.

You may be nervous about the prospect. After all, you’ve worked very hard on those words. They’re yours, and handing them over to anyone else may feel frightening. You may have questions about what an editor does. You surely want an idea of what the process will cost. And how long it will take.


Have a look at the frequently asked questions. Perhaps you will find a few answers. Then, get in touch.

Let’s talk.  Together, we can make your story shine.