Sabine Sloley has worked with me for years as the primary developmental editor for my epic fantasy series Dreams of QaiMaj. She has also worked on projects of mine in different genres and smaller scopes….She has never attempted to rewrite my vision for the project, but rather always seeks to understand what I’m trying to do and then helps me make it excellent. Sabine also gives me a lot of notes for line editing and copyediting, and as a result my final drafts are very clean. I’m eternally grateful for the work Sabine has put into helping make my books excel, and helping me grow as a writer.

Selah Tay-Song, Author of the series Dreams of QaiMaj


Sabine is a truly standout writer and editor, and we’ve teamed up on several projects over the years. She has a keen ability to discern what’s profound within a writer’s text and how to bring that sometimes hidden excellence to the forefront. From a craft standpoint, her language and wordsmithing skills are top-notch. I’d swap pens with her anytime, any manuscript. 

Laurel Leigh, Writer and Editor, www.LaurelLeighWriter.com


Sabine did two line edits on my novel Finding Vera, but she also gave some very astute feedback on the overall structure of my book.  She reeled in a couple of my subplots which didn’t add to the storyline, pointed out scenes that were subtly repetitive, and gave me feedback that helped to deepen the main character and strengthen the character arc. She gave very good feedback on my use of dialogue, and pointed out areas where additional conflict would add tension and draw the reader into the story to an even greater degree. Her suggestions were extremely helpful and greatly improved both my writing and my plot line.

Kerry Claire, Author of Finding Vera, kerryclaireanddogs.com


Sabine Sloley helped tremendously in developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting my novel, The Immortal Game. She had crucial insights on how to make the world of my novel make sense, while maintaining my own unique voice. Even more valuable to me, she was able to copyedit my 120,000 word manuscript in a timely manner and with complete accuracy. She had insights into grammar and punctuation that no one else who read my work had. I owe the professionally edited look and feel of my self-published novel in a large part to Sabine. I would recommend her to any author looking for a thorough editor no matter the genre.

Joannah Miley, Author of The Immortal Game


Sabine Sloley’s brief was to provide an overview edit of my manuscript The Speaking Formula, looking primarily at structure, and give feedback on content organization, writing style, and ideas. She went above and beyond in terms of looking at specific word choices and how they would be interpreted by a global audience, made general suggestions regarding writing style, and gave personal responses to certain aspects of content. Everything Sabine did was relevant, useful, and gratefully received. I wholeheartedly recommend Sabine as a very capable editor and advisor to anyone going through the process of producing a manuscript.

Dale Rees-Bevan, Keynote Speaker and Presentation Skills Trainer, www.dalereesbevan.com


I handed Sabine Sloley an extremely rough draft of my memoir “The Cub’s Beat,” asking for a developmental edit. Her analysis was comprehensive. Through her chapter-by-chapter critique and her overall assessment, I was able to shape what first seemed like a scrapbook into a story. This was no mean feat for a former newspaper journalist. Rewriting the first draft with an eye to her suggestions was actually a great deal of fun as well.

Linda Hirsh